Fast-Freddy Top Caps

About Fast Freddy

I am Fast Freddy. I am a stay at home dad who loves to bike. I always have. In 2001 I decided that I wanted to do something bike related. I had an idea for a custom headset top cap. At the time I was heavily into single speed mountain biking and I was always on the MTBR forums. It was there that the first top cap was born…"Singlespeed One is all you need" From there I have added many stock cap sayings and designs. Over the years I have helped create some really cool custom caps.

Not only am I a proud parent, I am a weekend warrior, a road cyclist, a cyclocrosser, a mountain biker, a time trialer, a triathlete….basically, if there is a bike involved I am up for it! I love to work on bikes…to fix them and improve them. I feel blessed that my entire family loves to ride, it just makes this passion and hobby of mine even better.

Thank you for your interest in my products and I hope you enjoy them!